MyU3A is our online portal to U3A Beachmere Inc. It gives you the choice of whether you need to come to the office to join or renew your annual membership to U3A Beachmere, or use you smart phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or computer to login, fill in the appropriate form and pay online.

Some members don’t have a device or access to the internet and drop in to Office on the sign on days. Many people like to come to Office to enrol or join, and the Office Volunteers love to see them and have a chat.

However, for those who can go online, and who can’t make it to the office on Sign On Day, or who really want to make sure they get into that special class before it’s full, MyU3A is wonderful! And so easy to use.

Just click Member Login on the MyU3A Beachmere menu to go to the login page.All you need is your Member ID (Member number) and a password. If you don’t have a password, just email and our Communications Coordinator will send you one and all the information you need to get started.

For a look at MYU3A and to learn how to use it, go to the How To Videos on MyU3A Beachmere menu.